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Sei Mani

In partnership with our friends at Sei Mani ēniteō help to deliver agile and smarter working into your organisation, supporting flexible approaches to work, while driving the adoption of social and collaboration technologies.

Agile Working

Agile and smarter working is the child of the fourth industrial revolution. Organisation’s today must serve an ‘always-on customer’, while balancing the needs of employees who expect to work – in any way that it makes sense for them to work!

This means keeping everyone customer centered, and shaping a culture that is modern, flexible and healthy.

Visionary organisations stopped thinking about agile working only in terms of changing the look and feel of the workplace a long time ago. Today, this just covers the tip of the iceberg.

Smart organisations are thinking more holistically – rewarding leadership behaviours that help shift to a real culture of innovation and inclusion. Encouraging the flattening of hierarchy, the building of hive networks and the widespread sharing of knowledge is part of the new norm.

Get it right and agile working oils productivity – making it easier to get things done, easier to serve customers and easier to engage and retain people.

If you are looking for help developing or implementing your agile working approach then ēniteō is here to help. If you have made huge investments in technology that were designed to reduce costs or enhance new ways of working, but have struggled with buy-in and adoption levels then with our partners at Sei Mani we can add the oil to drive your productivity.


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