Building Personal Resilience

by | May 24, 2018 | Hive Five

Or the capacity to spring back into shape after difficulty.

5 Tips

1. Think positive.
Perfection is a cruel mistress. Rather than aiming for everything being ‘just so’ – be optimistic that you can improve things (including yourself) in small steps.

2. Embrace failure.
Sometimes even things we can control don’t go to plan. Think of it this way – if you have never failed at anything, how will you know what success really feels like? Embrace failure and you’ll be surprised how much you learn.

3. Avoid self-inflicted wounds.
Don’t let your resilience be worn until its paper-thin.  Help yourself sooner. Ask for support, seek opinion, read something that will help you. Don’t run your resilience fuel tank to empty.

4. Admire someone.
We’ve all seen people we admire for their resilience. Pick a real or fictional person you admire. What qualities do you admire about them? Take one of those qualities and be a little more of it yourself.

5. Build emotional reserves.
Remind yourself of situations when you have been resilient. Remember them during a testing time. Allow frustration to sit with you. Work on your problem solving skills little by little.

5 Actions

1. Breathe.
When difficult stuff is going off, count to ten in your head and slow your breathing down. Give breath work a go right now. Build up breathing in slowly for a count of 5 and breathing out slowly for a count of 7. Keep practicing.

2. Become a great problem-solver.
Read our Hive Five blog on Managing Knotty Problems. It will take you just five minutes.

3. Look after yourself.
To avoid resilience burn out do one of these things today – sleep one hour longer, eat something healthy and revitalising, walk more steps or drink an extra litre of water. Repeat.

4. Sharpen your elbows.
You have a right to be heard – we all do. Even if your boss, co-workers etc. disagree, stand up for your right to have a voice. Express that voice sometime this week.

5. Decide what matters.
Write down on a post-it what truly matters to you. You will build resilience when you are able to let go of things that are of less importance to you than you think.