Fit for Purpose People Strategy

by | Feb 20, 2018 | Hive Five

5 Tips

1. Get collaborating.
Co-create your strategy. Inquire and listen. Get a coalition of supporters on side (remembering not to roll over on things you believe in, even if others don’t immediately get on board).

2. Get aligned.
Check your strategy aligns in two ways. Commercially – so that you prioritise and deliver what matters to organisational success. Practically – doing what really engages, motivates, is appreciated and needed.

3. Connect the dots.
What you are doing will connect to other organisational priorities (customer experience, digital, AI). See how you can leverage resources, deliver in a more joined up way or use expertise from different communities.

4. Get to the root of problems.
Identify, diagnose, rewire and reboot. Fix the basics from the root rather than treating symptoms.

5. Put a stamp on it.
Brand what you do in a memorable way so that when you launch that next management or talent initiative people know what it connects to and why it matters.

5 Actions

1. Terminology.
It sounds a bit stupid, but know what ‘strategy’ means. In our view it’s having a focused plan that engages the resources at your disposal to achieve an agreed set of goals. Review your strategy. Is it a strategy? Go take a look right now.

2. Ambition.
Hold on to your long-term ambition. If your customers are struggling to buy-in (after checking the points above), break each goal down into a smaller, manageable deliverables and discuss the benefits of each. Start today by sub-dividing just one goal.

3. Prioritise.
Work out what’s important versus urgent? Are you spending your time on others urgent stuff that turns out not to be important to your goals? Shift your diary and focus just 10% today and work on it from there.

4. Discover.
Know your resources in detail. Do you really know? Go start to find out. Only then can you do the most important thing in strategy – decide what you are NOT going to do.

5. Prioritise again.
With your colleagues decide what you are NOT going to do. Make a personal note today of your own view.

Key advice: don’t expect to be able to complete all these tips and actions quickly. There’s lots to be done. Start and be patient and thorough.

Do let us know of any topic you’d like us to cover.