How to Hive Five

by | May 3, 2018 | Hive Five, Insights

How to Hive Five

We focus all our Hive Five blogs on subjects of general interest to you for work and career. There may be occasions when our topics apply more widely to things you are dealing with in life. If this is the case we hope they help, but remind you of the lens through which we look. We tackle topics that are seismic in nature (having a ‘Fit For Purpose People Strategy’) all the way through to topics that are individually focused and micro in size (but not necessarily in importance), such as ‘Getting Feedback You Don’t Agree With’.

Thinking about ‘TIPS’

The Tips we offer are based on the collective wisdom of people who have experienced these types of challenges over many years. They can be read quickly – that’s the whole idea of Hive Five! Putting them into practice requires far more thoughtful reflection, planning and determination. Be prepared to take the time to improve things little by little. Perhaps pick one thing to focus on and work through it with determination until it has shifted just a bit. Don’t be surprised if after careful consideration you realize that there are years of mileage in getting the Tips to land and sustain. Rome was not built in a day – neither is good strategy (it’s iterative and changeable anyway), or personal resilience!

Thinking about ‘ACTIONS’

In each Hive Five blog we offer five Actions to put into practice straight away. We know you might look at the list and think – actually this should be called Hive Ten, because you’ve suggested ten things to do. Firstly, Hive Ten doesn’t rhyme and so spoils our blog concept. Secondly, Tips and Actions co-exist around the subject area. We’ve attempted to make the Actions more bite sized, manageable and ‘in the moment’ – but that doesn’t make them easy peasy! You may take as long honing the Action as you do implementing a Tip! The key is not to feel overwhelmed. Starting with just a small step helps to simplify the complex .


Look out for the launch of Notebook Mentor. Notebook Mentor takes topics like the ones covered in Hive Five, but presents them in the form of a mentoring notebook or toolkit, with more structure and depth. Our new titles will be available to buy in physical and e-book form later in 2018.