The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.

John Wooden

ēniteō provide practical, thoughtful help and guidance on an advised basis.

Leadership Mentoring

Our leadership practice is focused on people transitioning into or out of large divisional or c-suite roles.

This could include people taking their fist step up from a divisional role to a group executive role, or it could be someone transitioning into retirement. Our mentors are all accomplished leaders from the world of business, called upon when we need to find the right expertise and experience to match an assignment. Most mentors are or have been Chairs, Non-Executive Directors, CEO’s or Executive Committee leaders. Every leadership mentoring engagement is different and we work with the sponsoring organisation, line manager, and the individual, to flexibly provide wise counsel and a sounding board that helps them lean into opportunities or manage change. Helping executives sharpen self-awareness and awareness of others is key, as is building independence and self-reliance in the ownership of their development.


5 Tips 1. Learn the basics. As a first time team manager there will be lots of new things to do. A lot of important stuff will concern your team, so get over the basics as soon as you can. Ask for training so that you understand how to hire and on board, performance...

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Solving ‘knotty’ problems

5 Tips 1. Understand pressure and priority. If you find yourself in the middle of a crisis with a big problem to solve in two hours, that is very different from a problem that has been brewing or is deeply ingrained. What pressure are you really under and how quickly...

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Returning to work after serious illness

5 Tips1. Trust in you. Everyone (and I mean everyone) will offer you advice about what to do or not do. You must decide what is right for you. Sometimes returning to work quickly can give you the sense of normality you need to help you get some control back. At other...

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